Through our Tools for Success program, we provide students with backpacks, notebooks, writing utensils, rulers and other school supplies that are the basic requirements to participate in a productive education.

We also provide basic athletic equipment to allow students to participate in team extracurricular activities. Participating in these team activities builds a sense of community and provides productive activities after school.  To date, we have provided many children with shin guards, sneakers, basic field equipment, and other basic items required to participate in team sports.


Finally, our Tools for Success programs aim to provide other necessities of life such as clothing and basic medicines that oftentimes are neglected for other basic needs like food and shelter.  Lack of sufficient clothing and medicine is often a reason why children miss school for extended periods – quite simply parents must make the excruciating choice between survival of their family or the opportunity for their child to advance with a chance to have a better life than them.

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